Meet Lee Harris. Veteran Cannabis Campaigner.

Photo courtesy of Chris Dawes

Photo courtesy of Chris Dawes

"I want to give a voice to the hundreds of thousand of people who consume cannabis in London. It's time we regulated cannabis."

Lee wants to change the archaic and harmful laws around cannabis, as he has seen the damage they can cause citizens and their communities. 

Lee is a veteran campaigner for the regulation of cannabis. At 79, Harris is a familiar face around West London’s vibrant Portobello Road.

Having moved to the UK after leaving South Africa, where he was anti-apartheid activist, Lee has lived an interesting life - as an actor, a playwright, even as a drug prohibitionist. 

Photo courtesy of @cheffmo

Photo courtesy of @cheffmo

Now he runs London's longest established headshop, Alchemy, on the Portobello Road and in his time he has shared poems, laughs and memories with some of the city's most creative and culturally diverse minds.

Interestingly, Harris became a cannabis campaigner after seeing the harms caused by harsh and moralistic drug laws - ones which at one time he himself  strongly supported. Since then his views have changed drastically - as he now advocates a health, community and evidence based approach to cannabis laws. 

In May 2016,  looking to make a difference, from the office of the Mayor of London, Lee ran in the mayoral elections. 

A caring, community-focused activist turned politician, Harris received over 20,000 1st preference votes and over 67,000 2nd preference votes.

Thank you Londoners!

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