[SW Londoner] Post-Election Interview

Lee Harris isn’t your typical politician.  

I met the Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol London mayoral candidate at his head shop, Alchemy, in Portobello Road, in the lead up to the elections.

Just two minutes in I watched on as he managed to convince a woman not just to stop and talk to him, but engage with him on his cause celebre: cannabis legalisation.

“Oh, we don’t want to legalise cannabis,” she said at first. But by the end of their two-minute conversation she had been persuaded to vote for Mr Harris and his party.


[Seb Tiley] An Interview With Lee Harris

Lee Harris is a 79-year-old writer and activist who runs what is thought to be the oldest head-shop in the UK. And he is now running for London Mayor with the party CISTA (Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol), in the hopes that (if victorious) the UK will slacken it's laws on cannabis possession. I had a chat with him to find out a bit more. Here is the edited version of a 40 minute phone-call with Lee.

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